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With your support we will be able to carry out these groundbreaking causes targeted at improving mental health literacy, training young people in mental health first aid and so much more.

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We’ve conducted various projects across psychiatric hospitals, universities, and prisons as well as grassroots programmes in rural communities, but we’re not done yet. Partner with us.

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Depending on the outcome of your screening test, you can reach any of our counselors for directions on the next step on 08064888643 OR 09032419184 OR 08136770508.

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We are focused on ending mental health stigma, and creating a comfortable environment for open conversations about mental health issues. As an organization, we have come to understand the importance of stories in challenging inbred notions about mental health issues, especially when the stories come from those with lived experience. This is what our campaigns revolve around and we can already see the change in attitude that has occurred as a result of this.

We also work to increase awareness of mental health issues, by providing simplified and easy to read resources both offline and via social media (where the bulk of our target population can be found). We also encourage people to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve to connect young people to appropriate mental health services/professionals.

We are well within the time of the Social Media, and these apps have come to serve as the platform for people to share their lives publicly, in real time. In these times where suicide rates are rising across the world, we have to now recognize that Social Media is the New Suicide Note, and we all have to listen.

Victor Ugo, 2017.

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‘My OCD’s the worst!’ The pretty girl behind me laughed as she wiped off the speck of dirt on her table with a handkerchief. I wonder if she has them too. Those thoughts. Those unspeakable thoughts that the lips dare not carry. I wonder if she avoids her baby niece and nephews because she is...
Worrying is a part of life. Often, we find ourselves concerned over various circumstances in our lives, be it financial needs/commitments; emotional needs; concerns over our jobs, etc. However, there is a thin line between normal worry and what psychologists call general anxiety disorder, which is a form of anxiety that affects many people. Generalized...
Let me tell you a tale of myself And the hassle that comes with me I want to let it all out and confess These random emotions leading to stress The days I’m swinging on life’s edge And switching sides; smiling and sulkin’ Shaking but holding my heart steady I’m a midget in a 12ft...
Oga John is a short tense film drawn from our present-day encounter, narrating the subject matter of “mental health” and colliding two worlds apart. It explores the use of cinematic storytelling, which is rarely employed in Nollywood movies. In his little cramped shop, Oga John attends to a customer; a middle-aged woman in a native...

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